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Haier Smart Home "Model Room" was Displayed in Germany IFA


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In the kitchen, the refrigerator can identify the traceability information of the ingredients; in the cloakroom, the latest fashion can be tried by the user through the 3D fitting mirror; the washing machine can also recognize the textiles of different clothes to set up different washing procedures .... on August 31, these smart life scenes from Haier Smart Home was officially unveiled at the 2018 International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) in Berlin, Germany. Haier built a smart home "model room" that simulated real living scenes, and displayed a whole set of solutions of smart life in the four physical spaces and the whole-house airing, security, information and so on.

Haier smart home "model room" displayed a whole set of smart life

Entering the Haier exhibition area at Booth 102 in Hall 3 of the Berlin Exhibition Centre, the most striking feature was the slogan "Smarter life". This year, Haier has exquisitely built a smart home "model room".

After entering the model room, the first thing to see was the open smart kitchen, which provided users with a one-stop kitchen solution for purchasing, storage, cooking, cleaning, and environment. Frank from the UK was experiencing the Internet of Food eco-services brought by the XCook refrigerator. He took out the carrot from the XCook refrigerator and aligned the RFID code on the package with the camera on the refrigerator. The refrigerator screen immediately showed the traceability information on the origin, picking, growing environment, transportation, etc. of the carrot, as well as the time when it had been put in the fridge and shelf life of it. If he wanted to buy vegetables, he could also go directly to the Amazon Fresh Shopping Platform through the refrigerator screen to shop online. This smart kitchen experience made Frank exclaim "Amazing Smart Life"!

In the living room scene, which was on the left side of the smart kitchen, TV, as the main control center of the smart living room, could not only open smart appliances such as air conditioners and sweeping robots, but also display whole-house information such as information and security in the home. After entering the bedroom from the living room, a young lady from Munich, Germany, stood in front of the 3D fitting mirror. The fitting mirror immediately recommended several dressing solutions and provided 3D virtual wearing experience according to the weather of the day and the dinner scene chosen by the young lady. After picking her favorite evening dress, she could also purchase the order on the fitting mirror. In the smart bathroom scene, the washing machine detected the lack of laundry detergent and prompted the situation immediately, then directly connected to Amazon Dash Mall and provided a smart living service of one-click purchase of laundry detergent.

It can be seen that in the Haier Smart Home "model room", smart life is not just a single product, but a one-stop customizable smart solution package covering kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. On this basis, Haier has also integrated high-quality third-party resources from around the world to build ecosystems, and to build eco-platforms such as the Internet of Clothing and the Internet of Food, with an aim of providing complete solutions including food, clothing and entertainment. Looking at this year's IFA show, smart speakers led by Google and Amazon are still the highlights of smart home, but in Haier's smart home "model room", smart speakers are just an interactive portal for the whole set of smart life solutions.

Original technological products brought European users with new home appliance experience

In addition to the smart home, the Haier booth also set up other product exhibition areas such as refrigerators, washing & care and entertainment to show the original technological products of various industrial lines, and attracted the attention and experience of many merchants on the spot.

Casarte, a high-end brand of Haier Group, exhibited home appliances with great artistic beauty. In the washing machine exhibition area, the staff was introducing the "air-washing" washing machine pioneered by Casarte. The reporter learned that this air-washing function innovatively realized the activation of clothing fibers by micro-vapor molecules, which can restore the clothing texture in 30 minutes, and it can decompose mold by high-temperature air, so a variety of high-end fabrics such as cotton, hemp, silk, wool, chiffon, lace, etc. do not have to be sent to the dry cleaners since professional care can be easily achieved at home. On the other side, Casarte F+ free embedded refrigerator also attracted many visitors to stop, its world's first "MSA oxygen control" technology broke through the traditional preservation method, to achieve cell-level preservation with double fresh-locking shields of temperature control + oxygen control.

The Haier brand also demonstrated innovative products across its industrial lines. The self-cleansing "Fresh Air" air-conditioner which can "absorb the light" can realize the adjustment of temperature and humidity and air purification function at the same time, in which the purification ability can even reach the professional purifier level, and the whole-house purification takes only 1 quarter of an hour. The ultra-thin series of glass-door refrigerators has managed the effect of wire-drawing metal, which not only matches the home cabinet better, but also makes it easier for the user to fetch things in it. In addition, the DD washing machine with lower power consumption, the first refrigeration-equipped Haier air-cooled frost-free vertical freezer and other products, all showed visitors the original strength of Haier.

These innovative products have brought industry-leading solutions while also been recognized by international authorities. At the IFA exhibition site, Haier refrigerator's fully open drawer design was awarded "Easy-techs certification" (ease of use certification) by VDE in Germany. With its application of innovative technologies such as IoT, AI and big data to smart home appliances, Haier Smart Home has won China's only "IoT Brand Gold Award", and Haier BCD-611WDIEU1 XCook Internet Refrigerator was awarded the "Smart IoT Technology Gold Award".

User experience is the center of the development of smart home in the future. Guided by the Rendanheyi model, Haier's ultimate goal is to meet the user need of a better life, either in the layout of smart home or of its original products. At this year's IFA exhibition, Haier simulated real life scenes in smart home in the form of "model room", which has provided new possibilities for the smart life of European users. This is the first time that Haier Smart Home exhibited an eco-scene experience in Europe. At present, Haier Smart Home has already exceeded 5 million domestic users, and IFA's exhibition has brought new hope for smart home's landing in overseas markets.

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