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The 2nd International Rendanheyi Model Forum of Haier Will be Held in Qingdao on September 20th


陕西11选五走势图 www.bij5q.cn The 2nd International Rendanheyi Model Forum

The 2nd International Rendanheyi Model Forum will be held in Qingdao on September 20th: Haier's Rendanheyi is the breakthrough, innovation and development of the traditional management model with new theories and viewpoints in the new era. Haier's International Rendanheyi Model Forum will surely bring about new reforms in the management model.

Conference Introduction

The 2nd "International Rendanheyi Model Forum" jointly sponsored by MLab and Haier Group will be held on September 20, 2018 in Qingdao, China.

The 2nd International Rendanheyi Model Forum will be held on September 20, 2018 in Qingdao, China. Different from the first session, this forum will be centered on the theme of "An Interstellar Ecosystem for Mutual Benefit and Coexistence". It will mainly consist of six sections of Keynote Speech, Case Presentations on Haier's Interstellar Ecosystem, Awards Ceremony for the Rendanheyi Medalists, Summit Forum, "Dialogue" and the Unveiling Ceremony of "Thinkers50 Hall of Fame". Gary Hamel, Co-chairman of the forum and Zhang Ruimin, Chairman and CEO of Haier Group, will present the theoretical innovations of the IoT model; famous scholars such as David Teece, the founder of Dynamic Capabilities and American economist, will attend the forum and present the research results of the Rendanheyi model; and in the link of releasing the best practices, Haier will release its innovative "3E" model in the IoT era, namely the ecosystem, eco-revenue, and eco-brand, and the best practices, in which "human value comes first" will form the main line.

Since the industrial revolution, there have been several representative models of industrial management, but by the time of the Internet, the old model could not adapt to the development of the new era. A management model leads an era because it can promote social development. Therefore, disruption of the traditional management theory has become an urgent proposition of the times. As the pioneers and explorers of enterprise management in the Internet era, MLab and Haier hope to exchange thoughts and generate new ideas with model practitioners, participants, communicators and observers on the Haier ecosystem in this feast of management ideas. At that time, government leaders, academic leaders, business leaders and well-known opinion leaders will attend the seminar.

The Rendanheyi model was first proposed on September 20, 2005. It has become a leader in the management in the IoT era, with features of times, sociality and universality recognized by international authorities and scholars. The International Rendanheyi Model Forum is dedicated to the innovative research and communication of the management model in the Internet and IoT era, and was the first to research on this field. Since last year, the Rendanheyi model has achieved remarkable results in cross-industry and cross-cultural replication, attracting global management scholars, business schools, entrepreneurs to pay attention to and research on this model. It is highly recognized and considered to be the first disruptive management model since the third industrial revolution.

Introduction to the "3E" Model

The "3E" model specifically refers to the ecosystem, eco-revenue, and eco-brand. It is a high generalization of Mr. Zhang Ruimin's ideas about the new features and verification standards of business models in the IoT era. The ecosystem is a reflection of the shared economy in the IoT era, which means that the relationship between enterprises and users has been upgraded from price trading to value interaction. And the relationship between enterprises and stakeholders has been upgraded from a commercial game to sharing & co-creation. Eco-revenue is the embodiment of the community economy in the IoT era. It disrupts the law of diminishing marginal utility of traditional enterprises and can realize the marginal revenue increase. Eco-brand is the embodiment of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the IoT era. It is different from the evaluation criteria of product brands and platform brands which are confined by products and the enterprise's own development capabilities, and pays more attention to the potential for nurturing enterprises' future development.


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