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陕西11选五走势图 www.bij5q.cn Guided by the needs of consumers and centering on the focus of consumers to achieve diversified development, Haier House has developed five product lines—intelligent residential property, commercial property, industrial property, property of regimen of culture and Haier Yungu. Thoughts based on Internet are also introduced to make our Haikehui a leader in the field of financial service platform for international smart community so as to realize our consumer service conception—“our sincere service to your home”.

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“youzhu.com” is the founder of domestic online decoration model who makes every effort to provide consumers with one-stop online platform for decoration. The two major series of products on “youzhu.com” refer to the "baibianjia, providing fine decoration goods for individuals, and the “ideahome”, offering commercial decoration solutions to domestic high-end estate agents. “youzhu.com” provides both package of service for decoration and a healthy and high-quality life attitude to consumers.

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