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    Open Innovation Promotes Product Iteration and Upgrading: Tianzun Air Conditioner

    The air-spray technology of Tianzun Air Conditioner has disrupted the traditional refrigeration method of “blending cold and warm air in the room”. ?On the contrary, it blends air inside the air conditioner and blows blended cool air out. Turning cold air into cool air, Tianzun solves the problem of “air conditioner disease.” The daily online volume exceeded 1228 when Tianzun was first lau...

    Crossing-Cutting Product Idea: Smart Refrigeration Kitchen Ventilator

    It took only 4 months from the proposal of user needs to product release.?Haier Smart Refrigeration Kitchen Ventilator that facilitates cooking in summer was successfully developed in October 2014, which happened only 4 months after users had first discussed their needs on HOPE. Integrating refrigeration technologies, this new products provides users with soft cool air as air conditioners do w...

    Open Platform and Big Data: Air Box and Air Box Ⅱ

    In 2014, Haier Air Box was first released on CES. As China’s first air-controlled personal health smart hardware, Air Box is able to examine indoor air quality and connect air conditioner and air purifier with various appliances. Also as one of the key smart hardware terminals of Haier’s “Smart Air Ecosystem”, Air Box is rapidly iterated through constant user interaction and fully opening i...

    To Solve Problems for Users Effectively: Dry-Moist Separation Technology

    In October 2014, the dry-moist separation technology that could “keep spinach fresh for 7 days” was successfully released. This technology set a new record in food preservation and has applied for national patent. Apart from high-humidity preservation of fruits and vegetables, dry food preservation technology has also been developed to store cordyceps sinensis or tea.In June 2013, a salary ma...

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