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In China, economic development is regionally imbalanced due to the vast territory of the country. In some areas, especially remote, impoverished areas, many children do not attend school. Additionally, insufficient funding in a number of research and education departments has restricted further development of education. This is having a detrimental effect on China's efforts to maintain long-term, rapid, and stable development and improve skills nationwide.

Haier is passionate about education and dedicated to providing it. Haier's CEO Zhang Ruimin is particularly concerned about children and education. "We have always believed that an enterprise cannot develop without the help and support of all sectors of society," he said. "Therefore, after an enterprise has developed, it should give back to society in a major way. From the outset, Haier has given back to society by being committed to children's education." Haier's first industrial park was inaugurated in 1995, the same year in which the Group donated CNY 380,000 for the construction of Laixi Wubei Haier Hope Primary School, the first of many schools funded by Haier in poverty-stricken areas throughout China.

Haier has already contributed funding and supplies worth CNY 500 million for public welfare projects, including total donations of CNY 92 million to Project Hope. By the end of 2016, Haier had funded a total of 246 schools (245 primary and 1 secondary).

Haier hopes that the construction of primary schools reflects the dedication of Haier's people to contributing to society. Project Hope is an initiative today that will benefit the generations of tomorrow. Haier wants to build primary schools not only to develop basic education in impoverished areas and positively contribute to improving school conditions in underdeveloped regions, but also to advocate a new trend throughout society in terms of supporting education and caring about future generations. Haier's list of contributions to public causes continues to grow, as does the Group's reputation for supporting public welfare undertakings. In the process of growing and creating its own international brand, and guided by its mission of "Sincerely giving back to society," Haier will carry on upholding the fine traditions of the Chinese nation by continuing to prioritize and wholeheartedly support public welfare undertakings, making a greater contribution to the public good in China.

Hope Events

09/15/2013 The Hope Primary School built by Haier in Yengisar County, Xinjiang, is inaugurated. At the opening ceremony, Haier donates CNY?6?million to the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) for the nationwide construction of Hope Primary Schools in 2013.
06/03/2013 Completion of Xindian Village Haier Hope Primary School in Panlong Town, Liangping County. The school covers an area of? 2776 m2 and has a gross surface area of?400?m2. It serves six villages in the county, including Panlong, Daguan, and Baijia, and can accommodate 200 students.
05/29/2013 Completion Yangchang Town Haier Hope Primary School in Longli County, Guizhou Province. Haier Group donates 26 computers worth more than CNY?80,000, while donors provide the more than 400 students with over CNY?3000 worth of stationery and sports equipment, as well as grants of CNY?3000 to 30 underprivileged students. This is the seventh Haier Hope Primary School funded by Haier in Guizhou.
05/24/2013 Inauguration of Zhangfang Township Haier Hope Primary School in Shanghe County, Shandong Province. Haier donates school bags, stationery, books, and other school supplies to the students.
04/26/2013 Completion of Lijia Caobo Haier American Hope Primary School in Malianzhuang Town, Laixi City, enhancing the learning environment of over 200 rural pupils.
12/16/2012 Completion of Bangdong Town Haier Hope Primary School in Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province. This is the 165th Hope Primary School built by Haier, and the seventh in Guizhou.
10/16/2012 Completion of Fuyuan Street Haier Hope Primary School in Zhanhua County; the school's 361 students and 25 teachers bid farewell to their single-story facility and move into the new school building.
09/08/2011 Groundbreaking ceremony for Yingjiang Haier Hope Primary School in Yunnan, in keeping with Haier's 2008 Beijing Olympic pledge of "One Gold Medal, One Hope Primary School."
10/21/2010 Inauguration of Bayi'awati Township Haier Hope Primary School in Yuepuhu County, in China's westernmost territory of Kashgar.
08/25/2009 Chenjiaba high school in Beichuan, Sichuan, officially reopens after Haier invests CNY?10?million for its reconstruction. Haier pledges to continue focusing on secondary schools in the disaster areas of Beichuan and Chenjiaba and to build Haier Chenjiaba secondary school as an advanced model school in conjunction with the local government.
12/31/2008 Liujiazhuang Town Haier Hope Primary School is inaugurated in Jimo City, Qingdao, becoming the first Haier Olympic Hope School to open its doors
10/30/2008 Groundbreaking ceremony of Zhuanbu Haier Hope Primary School in Yinan County, Shandong, which becomes the first Haier Olympic Hope School
08/24/2008 The 17-day Beijing Olympic Games draws to a successful close and the hard efforts of the Chinese team pay dividends, with boxers Zou Shiming and Zhang Xiaoping the first of many athletes to win gold for China, which proudly tops the medal table with 51 golds. The Haier "One Gold Medal, One Hope Primary School" program is also rolled out nationwide, funding the construction of 51 primary schools in 25 provinces across the country—including 15 in Beichuan in the Sichuan earthquake disaster area—bringing hope to 40,000 children in impoverished areas
05/27/2008 Haier's CEO visits children at Jiuzhou stadium in the Sichuan earthquake disaster zone. The Group's Board of Directors approves the donation of CNY?10?million for the construction of one secondary schooland CNY?7.5?million for the construction of 15 primary schools in Beichuan
12/03/2007 The "Launch Ceremony for Haier's Sponsorship of the Chinese Team at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and for the Haier Olympic Hope School" is held in Beijing. In recognition of the courageous fighting spirit of China's athletes, Haier announces that it will award each Chinese Olympic champion with a complete set of home appliances. Furthermore, as part of the Haier Olympic Hope School program, the Group will also fund the construction of one Hope Primary School for each gold medal won, thereby bringing the Olympic message of hope to deprived children
05/28/2007 The Haier Olympic Project Hope Campaign is launched in Lingshan Town. Haier donates its Olympic Project Hope Fund to the Qingdao Youth Development Foundation
06/08/2006 The China Association of Public Welfare Undertakings respectively awards Haier and its CEO Zhang Ruimin with the collective and individual titles of "Top Ten Contributor to Public Welfare Undertakings in China" in recognition of Haier's outstanding contributions to Project Hope
01/09/2004 Ms. Gu Xiaojin, secretary general of the China Youth Development Foundation, visits Haier to present CEO Zhang Ruimin with a "Special Contribution Unit for Donations to Education" plaque
11/01/2003 Haier is recognized as an "Advanced Unit for Donations to Education" by the Shandong provincial government
08/01/1995 The first Haier Hope Primary School opens in Laixi Wubei Town, Qingdao, marking the beginning of Project Hope

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